Are You Really Using a Holistic Dentist?

Many people prefer natural health care these days, including when they visit their dentist. As such, many people are using the services of a holistic dentist Chicago versus a traditional dentist these days. The problem is that many holistic dentists promise they use all-natural techniques but really do not. There are many signs that can pinpoint if the dentist is really a holistic provider or you are being taken for a ride.

holistic dentist Chicago

Signs that indicate the dentist may not be as holistic in his care as he promises include:

–   The dentist uses amalgam fillings in his office. A natural dentist won’t even have them inside his office. Mercury and vapors are no good in a natural setting!

–   Is fluoride a treatment on the service list? This is yet another sign that you aren’t using a real holistic dental professional.

–   Sealants are made from BPA and a holistic dentist isn’t using the material. Even sealants labeled BPA-free are a concern so take note if you see them in the office.

–   If surgery is being pushed, you are definitely not working with a natural dentist. Although there are certain occasions that require surgery, this is not an option that he is going to often recommend. Additionally, the holistic dentist will attempt other treatments first.

–   Same applies if the dentist if offering painkillers for healing. Natural dentists have far better options to give their patients.

Visiting a holistic dentist can change the entire way you perceive and receive oral care. However do not assume that you are using this professional and be among those getting scammed every year. Use the signs above as a guideline to indicate to you that the dentist isn’t who he claims he is. It is just that simple.