Important Facts About the Mammogram

Women aged 40+ should get mammograms regularly. It is recommended that a mammogram occur once every two years. This test helps detect breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death in women. The test is a simple procedure performed at the diagnostic imaging center in Flushing NY. It is pain-free and can help you change your life and live longer, healthier, and better than ever. Here are a few more important facts that you might want to know about this special imaging test.

1- Both men and women can benefit from a mammogram, although men are recommended for the imaging only if there are suspicions and concerns. This imaging test examines the breasts and looks for abnormalities and cells that are out of place.

2- Many people do not realize that there are several different types of mammograms your doctor may request. The screening always evaluates your breast health, but the diagnostic test is better for women experiencing symptoms of the disease.

3- When you use a mammogram to diagnose breast cancer and to find tumors, you can take as many as three years off of the detection time. Time is of the essence when a toxin as serious as cancer enters the body.

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4- One week before your monthly menstrual cycle is the best time to get the mammogram and the time that causes the least discomfort for most women. If you can look at a calendar to determine your period, schedule your appointment accordingly.

5- The mammography imaging is only one of the many tests and screening tools used to detect breast cancer. It is, however, one of the most important of the tools used today. Choose a facility that specializes in this procedure for added comfort and peace of mind.